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Why to study this Master in the UdL?

The food sector in the UdL environment is a sector constantly evolving, both from the technological point of view, which forces its technicians to a constant renewal of knowledge, as well as the development of new products and processes. This master's degree is intended to train graduates in an eminently technical and closely linked to the reality of the sector way, so it is posed as a professional master. These professionals must be competent as managers of the quality and the efficient working of the industry while being able to dynamize the most innovative part of the companies in a strongly competitive environment. Since the mastership has arisen at the demand of the sector itself, it is intended that the training be as close as possible to its needs. That is why, apart from the more technical side, a module has been added with a business approach following the suggestion of professionals who currently develop their profession in agri-food industries, such as agricultural engineers or graduates in food science and technology. It is a master's degree that contributes a high percentage of teachers from the food industry and research centers, which gives students a point of view closely linked to the reality and future challenges of the sector. The Department of Food Technology of the UdL is one of the poles of research with more projection at world-wide level in the field of the investigation in foods, in its different aspects. The participation of the professors of this department in the master, certainly gives an added value to the teaching task.