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Master Management and Innovation in the Food Industry    

The food industry is closely linked to a society’s lifestyle. Although the food industry is in good health, it must nevertheless undergo a continuous process of adaptation. Adaptation through innovation is therefore necessary to adjust to the rapid changes in eating habits, which are determined by our way of life.

Food accounts for around 20% of the Spanish population’s total expenditure. Changes in the structure of the family are a major factor that the food sector must take into account. All experts would seem to agree that the sector must rely on research and development in order to guarantee that businesses can adapt their products to consumers’ basic demands.

The obsession with health and safety is a defining feature of the food industry; creativity is subject to quality, safety and comfort. Higher standards of living are associated with greater potential spending on commodities with greater added value, together with better packaging, useful shelf life, flavour, etc. These standards are achieved through proper management, innovation and technological development.

The food industry aims to increase the quality of its products, improve consumer confidence and promote modernisation, technological development and environmental suitability.